12 Themes for the Sami Game Jam

Sami Game Jam differs from many other jams in terms of the themes. In a typical game jam, there is usually one theme that all games share. For the Sami Game Jam, we created a list of Sami topics to be explored in the games. The themes were: Strangers in Their Own Land, Border Crossing People, Cross-Generational Stories, The People of Eight Seasons, Persistent Stereotypes, Living Outside the Samiland, Ultima Thule, One Nation, Many Languages, Ethnostress, Activism and Artivism, The Future Sami, Lost Memories.

The participants were divided into six teams all working on one game with two of the themes. The first theme was selected by the participants themselves and the second was randomized to get interesting combinations. All teams had one or several Sami participants to provide depth to the topics (alongside with other game development roles they had) and several local visitors also participated to the testing of the concepts and further brainstorming.

You can read the longer explanations and inspirational stories from here: https://samigamejam.com/themes/

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