Sami Game Jam Games Are Now Available for Download!

During the five days of the Sami Game Jam, the participants of the Sami Game Jam created six games in small groups utilizing 12 different Sami themes.

Some of the games use custom controllers made at the jam, but you can also try to play them without (or alternatively watch video of the game).

We gave full freedom for the teams to create and interpret the themes in the way that they saw fitting – in collaboration with the local jammers. The games are creations of the teams and do not represent the views of the organizers or sponsors. Enjoy the art pieces as they are!

Download the games from here:

12 Themes for the Sami Game Jam

Sami Game Jam differs from many other jams in terms of the themes. In a typical game jam, there is usually one theme that all games share. For the Sami Game Jam, we created a list of Sami topics to be explored in the games. The themes were: Strangers in Their Own Land, Border Crossing People, Cross-Generational Stories, The People of Eight Seasons, Persistent Stereotypes, Living Outside the Samiland, Ultima Thule, One Nation, Many Languages, Ethnostress, Activism and Artivism, The Future Sami, Lost Memories.

The participants were divided into six teams all working on one game with two of the themes. The first theme was selected by the participants themselves and the second was randomized to get interesting combinations. All teams had one or several Sami participants to provide depth to the topics (alongside with other game development roles they had) and several local visitors also participated to the testing of the concepts and further brainstorming.

You can read the longer explanations and inspirational stories from here:

Fingersoft sponsoring Sami Game Jam!

Oulu-based Developer/Publisher Fingersoft is the latest company to sponsor the Sami Game Jam.

Young aspiring uphill racer and occasional 2-D company spokesman, Bill Newton was excited about the game jam. “We’re proud to support the event,” he said.

“It’s probably going to be a crazy uphill race to crank out some interesting and enlightening games during that week. And who doesn’t like a good race, right? In fact, I’d love to be driving up the hills in northern Finland and checking out the Northern Lights this time of year.”

Fingersoft is truly happy to sponsor the Finnish Game Jam organizing such a unique event. It will be an interesting opportunity for the participants to learn more about Sami culture, and this is a creative way to spread awareness across the country, he concluded.

Neogames says hello to the Sami Game Jam participants!

One of our biggest supporters, Neogames, is welcoming all the participants of the Sami Game Jam to create games on the Sami themes.

Neogames is a member-based non-profit game industry organization with a mission to accelerate, coordinate, and support the development of the Finnish game cluster.

“It is very important that also games can be the medium for different cultural topics and build bridges between various groups. We are looking forward to see how Sami Game Jam games turn out to be” says Suvi Latva from Neogames.

Here is a video hello from the Neogames:

Ludocraft sponsoring Sami Game Jam!

The original idea for organizing a game jam on Sami culture came from Tony Manninen, the founder of Oulu based game company Ludocraft. Manninen is full of great ideas and we are happy to make this one happen!

We are also proud to announce that Ludocraft is sponsoring the Sami Game Jam! Ludocraft was founded as early as 1994 as part of a university research group that later became an independent game studio. One of the early members of the Ludocraft team, Mikael Latva is also taking part of the event as a jammer.

Tony Manninen and Ludocraft are looking forward to see what kind of games are born at the jam.

See Ludocraft’s portfolio here:

Veikkaus sponsoring Sami Game Jam!

Our first game company sponsor is Veikkaus.

Veikkaus has an internal game studio that produces all of Veikkaus’ high quality slot games – and they are very jam-friendly! Veikkaus Game Studio also sponsored and participated to the Finnish Game Jam 2018. You can check out their produced jam games from here:

“We here at Veikkaus Game Studio want to support the Finnish game industry in all possible ways and thus we’re very excited to be sponsoring Sami Game Jam! This is a great possibility for people to know more about the Sami culture and also for the Sami youth (and also the elderly!) to learn more about game development and culture”, states Henri Lindgren, Head of Studio at Veikkaus Game Studio.

Veikkaus was also just listed as one of the “Top 10 innovations from Finland” by The Guardian.

We are happy to have support from one of the Finland’s oldest game companies!

Jammers selected!

We have closed our jammer application and sent the invitation letters to all jammers accepted to the jam. We got a lot of good applications and there is a waitlist for the jammers in case there are cancellations. We are looking forward to see all these talented jammers and brave Sami to join their forces in game creation at Utsjoki in less than two weeks away!

Jammer application open!

We have opened application for the jammers at: Whether you have experience on game making or not, you are welcomed to apply! We are looking for jammers around the world with sami background or expertise in game creation and game jams. The accommodation and food will be provided, travel expenses with a limited budget.

The application deadline is 3.2.2018, 16:00 EET and all applicants will be notified by email latest on 5.2.2018.